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Before the Visit

You’ve selected a short (or not so short) list of your top colleges. Now, it’s time to plan college visits. Check the Resources section for some tools to help you prepare for your visit.

Your college visit is the best time to determine what accommodations a college can provide and experience the classroom environment to get a better sense of what accommodations you may need. When scheduling your visit, you should plan to:

  • Meet with an Admissions counselor
  • Meet with the Office of Disability Services
  • Meet with the Office Residence Life
  • Tour the campus (official tour and self-guided)
  • Sit in on a class

Make a list of the colleges you are visiting and which colleges are able to provide the meetings you requested for your visit – you can add notes during your visit for easy comparison later.
Some schools may not allow potential students to visit classes until after they’ve received an admissions offer, but as a student with cochlear implants, you should make sure you speak with the Office of Disability Services, even if you think you may not need accommodations.

Develop a list of questions for your visit to ensure you get answers about things that are most important to you. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.