Orientation Day Masthead Image

Orientation Day

Orientation can be overwhelming for anyone, however, it is packed full of useful information to help you make a smooth transition to college.

Here are a few tips to make the most of your orientation:

  • Visit the Office of Disability Services. This will help the office put a face to your name when you request accommodations. This is a good time to check-in to make sure everything is set for your accommodations.
  • Locate the academic learning center, language skills center, and computer center. Many institutions have computer centers with adapted hardware and software that are valuable learning tools.
  • Try not to rely on your parents too much during orientation, particularly for accommodations. Remember that you will be your own advocate in college.
  • Take notes, if needed. There’s a lot of important information to remember, but with everything going on, you may forget.
  • Take advantage of the social events like ice cream socials and team games. This can help you meet other students.
  • Speak with upper-class students in charge of student involvement. These students can give you advice on social clubs and any clubs or activities for students with cochlear implants or hearing loss.
  • Make sure to get the contact information for the advisors who help you during orientation. It is likely that you will have follow up questions to ask them.
  • Take advantage of social media to make connections with people you meet at orientation.

Taking full advantage of your orientation as it can help you start college feeling more self-confident, informed, and ready to focus on learning.