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Regular Maintenance

Preparation before arriving at school can make regular cochlear implant maintenance a little easier. We recommend that you:

  • Research the closest audiologist(s) to your school and determine transportation needed to get to the audiologist’s office.
  • Determine what your insurance covers for audiologist services (in-network, out-of-network).
  • Get an updated copy of your insurance card.
  • Check the length and coverage of product warranties.
  • Research technical support from the cochlear implant manufacturer available near your school.
  • Stock up on extra batteries, microphone protectors, back-up coils, and cables to bring with you.

Once you are at school, you should consider changes in the environment and your habits to ensure your cochlear implant maintenance is adequate. Here are a few things to think about:

  • If your school is located in a higher-humidity environment, you may need to change your microphone protectors and use your drying station more often.
  • You may want to consider wearing a medical bracelet informing emergency medics that you have cochlear implants and therefore cannot undergo MRIs.
  • Your sleep patterns might be different now that you have different study habits and class times, so it’s important to ensure that your cochlear implants get enough time on their drying station.