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When you’re away at college, it will be your sole responsibility to take care of your cochlear implants. Staying on top of your cochlear implant maintenance will reduce the likelihood urgent technical issues which compromise your hearing.

For example, Molly is a freshman who has bilateral cochlear implants. When she moves into her dorm on-campus, she takes her back-up processor, extra batteries, cables, and microphones, and she uses dry storage for her processors every night. Before she went to college, she identified an audiology clinic near her college.

Partway through the semester, Molly has trouble with her processors not turning on – she changes the batteries and they still don’t work. When Molly tries to turn on her back-up processor, it also does not work. Molly ships her processors to the cochlear implant manufacturer for repair, but she still needs access to sound while she waits for the manufacturer to send her processors back. What would you do until you got your processors back?